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Rosselló: There Is “General Disgust” with the Administration

By on July 5, 2016

SAN JUAN – The president of the New Progressive Party (NPP), Ricardo Rosselló, said Tuesday that the party’s surveys reflect a “generalized disgust” with what he called the “García Padilla-Bernier administration.”

After Gov. Alejandro García Padilla decided not to seek reelection, David Bernier, who served as secretary of state until October, decided to run for governor for the Popular Democratic Party.

Asked by the press about NPP strategies for the general elections on Nov. 8, Rosselló reiterated a series of events that culminate with the campaign closing on Nov. 6 at a yet to be determined location.

NPP President and gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rosselló and resident commissioner candidate Rep. Jenniffer González following their victory in Puerto Rico's general primaries.

NPP President and gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rosselló and resident commissioner candidate Rep. Jenniffer González following their victory in Puerto Rico’s general primaries.

On July 31, the NPP will hold a ceremony in memory of statehood movement leader José Celso Barbosa, where attendance is expected to be high and which would serve as the start of the electoral campaign.  

On Aug. 20, the party will also hold a radio marathon to raise funds, and from Sept. 9 to 11, the NPP will celebrate its convention, where in an assembly, the Plan for Puerto Rico political program is expected to be ratified. The plan will be subject to public hearings in the next two months.

Rosselló added that efforts to promote statehood as an alternative will be ramped up, reiterating the contrasts of public policy and government performance between both parties. He added that the PDP does not have alternatives for the island’s territorial issue.

Referring to the monthly meeting of NPP directors, held Tuesday, the gubernatorial candidate said they were able to “set the schedule for the next 125 days before the elections.”

At the meeting new party members were ratified as well as 14 regional members, 14 presidential delegates, 6 members at-large, the director and assistant director of the Statehood Mission ideological wing, Joan Vélez and Giovanni Ojeda, respectively and Tomás Fantauzzi as assistant secretary of the party. The only position currently vacant is assistant treasury secretary.

The NPP also committed to setting up diverse workshops on ethics, with the next to be held Friday and to which a majority of the party’s officials are expected to attend.

The party also approved a series of resolutions, among which is creating an ethics committee that will offer workshops to prevent and identify corruption, as well as to create an anti-corruption agreement for all candidates.

The group has to identify corruption and its committee will comprise former Judge Juan R. Melecio, former tourism directors and former Judge Luis Rivera Marín, engineer Emilio Colón, and former Education  Secretary Edward Moreno. The obligatory anti-corruption commitment the candidates have to assume are more stringent that those required by law, Rosselló said.

Also, a Continued Improvement Institute was created to promote efficacy “in all party processes,” among these finance and field operations.

Another resolution allows for a custom flag of the United States that features 51 stars to fly in all NPP municipal committees and empowering party Secretary-General William Villafañe to put this resolution into effect.

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