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Samsung bets on an improved user experience with its new Galaxy S9, S9+

By on March 16, 2018

SAN JUAN — Tech giant Samsung announced Thursday the launch of its new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ smartphones in Puerto Rico, with new functionality aimed at improving the user experience.

Among the new features offered in the new device is the camera, which comes with a high-speed, double-pixel sensor with dedicated processing and memory power that can combine up to 12 frames in one shot to record audio-visual material at the highest quality possible.

With the possibility of having a double aperture, it automatically allows more light to enter when it is dark and less when it is too bright, resulting in sharp and clear photos anytime, anywhere.

The new camera includes “Super Slow-mo” video, capable of capturing 960 frames per second with automatic “Motion Detection,” an intelligent feature that detects movement in the frame and captures it automatically.

The S9 includes an improved camera lens and augmented reality technology to create personalized emojis, among other new features. (Jaime Rivera/CB)

Meanwhile, augmented reality technology, dubbed “AR Emoji,”uses a data-based machine learning algorithm, which analyzes a 2D image of the user and maps out more than 100 facial features to create a 3D model that reflects and imitates expressions to create a 3D model that reflects and imitates expressions, such as blinking and head movement, for an accurate personalization.

AR Emoji has a range of stickers, including integrated classic Disney characters, using a standard AGIF file format so that users can share their emojis on most messaging platforms.

Meanwhile, Bixby, Samsung’s intelligence platform, is integrated into the camera and uses augmented reality and deep learning technologies to offer useful information about a user’s surroundings.

Users can translate foreign languages and convert currency in real time with “Live Translation,” learn about their surroundings, purchase products seen in the real world and monitor calories throughout the day.

In addition, Samsung integrated stereo speakers at both ends of the device and had international sound manufacturing company AKG tune them.

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The Galaxy S9 and S9+ are also compatible with the Dolby Atmos technology, which reproduces sound that virtually places objects as recorded for a 360-degree-like experience.

The new devices are compatible with the new “SmartThings” app, which will allow people who have household devices connected to the “Smart Things hub” to monitor, control and automate the house remotely.

Users may add lights, locks, sensors and other connected devices, whether Samsung-branded or not, to create a smart home.

The new devices have support for three biometric authentication options–iris, fingerprint and facial recognition–and also include Intelligent Scan, a new verification that combines iris and facial recognition to unlock the phone.

A new feature, “Dedicated Fingerprint” gives users the option of using a fingerprint different from the one used to unlock the phone to access the phone’s Secure Folder.


The S9s also integrate an improved optical sensor, which provides more thorough and accurate information on, for example, a user’sHeart Load Factor, a new measurement of the real-time demand placed on the heart.


Samsung kept some of the features of the Galaxy series, such as IP68 water and dust resistance certification, and wireless charging.

Samsung Latin America Product Manager Albin Strothers (Jaime Rivera/CB)

In addition to all these features, Samsung Electronics’ Latin America product manager, Albin Strothers, highlighted in an interview with Caribbean Business that the S9s have other features to improving user experience as well.

He emphasized support for expandable memory of up to 400GB with a Micro SD Card and kept the headphone jack despite other smartphone manufacturers removing it.

When asked about the impact Samsung has had on the local smartphone market, Strothers said that since the launch of the Galaxy S8, demand for Galaxy line has increased 1.2 times on the island.

Online sales began Thursday evening on the Claro website, as well as in stores Friday. Last year, he said, more than 1,000 units were sold the first day.


Claro Puerto Rico President Enrique Ortiz confirmed a VIP Sale Thursday night. (Jaime Rivera/CB)

Puerto Rico customers were able to purchase the phone one day before the worldwide launch, with Claro Puerto Rico Chairman Enrique Ortiz, explaining they were the only ones to market the Galaxy S9 and S9 + with storage capacity of 128 GB, instead of 64 GB, in Midnight Black, Coral Blue and a new hue, Lilac Purple.

Although the price of the S9 starts at $719.99 and the S9 + at $839.99, Ortiz announced that Claro was opening several of its stores Friday and give the first 1,000 customers who buy the device a Harman Kardon Onyx speaker, free of charge, adding $549.99 in credits and gifts.

The device will also be available under the Claro Update Plus plan, with $0 down and $0 interest in unlimited plans that do not throttle data speed, starting at $50 a month.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Product Specifications

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