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Samsung Galaxy Note10 arrives in Puerto Rico

By on August 22, 2019


New flagship line bets on improved productivity, creativity features

SAN JUAN — Technology products company Samsung Latin America and telecom provider Claro presented Thursday in Puerto Rico the new line of Galaxy Note10 smartphones manufactured by Samsung Electronics with the aim of improving users’ productivity and creative potential.

Among the surprises, the new Galaxy devices come in two sizes for the first time. The Note10 integrates the “S Pen” with a “Cinematic Infinity Display” that is 6.3 inches-large, diagonally. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Note10 Plus has an even larger 6.8-inch screen, which is surprisingly easy to hold and use.


Also, its Dynamic AMOLED display is certified HDR10+, resulting in a dynamic distribution of tones in said sources that can achieve greater brightness than on previous Note devices.

This new series incorporates the evolution of the S Pen to control certain aspects of the device through gestures. Similarly, users can write notes by hand and instantly convert them into text, via the Samsung Notes app, and save them in a variety of different formats, including Microsoft Word. In addition, developers can create custom controls that give users the ability to play or use their favorite applications through gestures.

The devices’ new cameras integrate advanced video technologies such as “Live Focus Video,” which adds depth settings, and “Zoom-In Mic,” which amplifies the audio of the frame that is in focus and removes background noise. Also, night mode, now available on the front-facing camera, allows users to capture “selfies” no matter how dark conditions are.

The Note10 includes the ability for players to record their screen to add some personality to their broadcasts, for instance, vloggers who wish to improve their tutorials.

Meanwhile, the devices were engineered a cooling system that includes a thin vapor chamber, which helps achieve optimum performance during, for example, a gaming session. With the “Game Booster” feature, which is based on artificial intelligence, the Note10 optimizes performance and energy consumption depending on the game. Also, with the PlayGalaxy Link P2P streaming service, users can resume where they left off on any PC game and allow them to continue playing without the need for local storage.


Part of the features that distinguish the Note10 Plus is an available 45-watt super-fast charger. According to Samsung, a mere 30-minute charge lasts an entire day. Also, with the “Wireless PowerShare” tool, users can wirelessly recharge their Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds or other Qi-enabled devices with the Galaxy Note10.

The product manager of Samsung Puerto Rico, Gianmarco Leri, explained that compared with last year with the Note 9, the company has seen more people register during the global pre-sale process. Similarly, he said the number of people in Puerto Rico who pre-registered this year to purchase the Note 10 was “much higher” than for the Note 9 last year.

“Puerto Rico is a very important market for us because it really likes the Samsung Galaxy Note line. This trend has increased since the launch of Note 8 and then Note 9, based on the sales and studies we do,” Leri told Caribbean Business.

“We expect the same results as other previous releases such as the Samsung Galaxy S10, which on the first day, we broke records. We hope that today and tomorrow we beat records, too,” he added.

For his part, the president and chief executive officer of Claro, Enrique Ortiz de Montellano, said that some 4,000 users registered this year for the pre-launch sale.

“The pre-registration levels have been maintained. The time for this process was a little longer last year, but by that time, the pre-registration was available for more days. However, this gives more time so people can register, but this figure has also been maintained,” he said.

“The important part is not how many register, but how many actually come to buy it. Although many people register, what I am seeing is that people are now waiting, not necessarily changing it the following year, but the second year because they change their phones more on the second year than the first year. So, if you see it today, this phone really has new things and that is what makes people make that change because it already has an important difference compared with their previous model,” the executive told Caribbean Business.

The Note 10 starts at $949, unlocked; while the Note 10 Plus starts at $1,099. The first deliveries and in-store units will be available Friday.

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