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San Juan Mayor files motion on Act 29 with Judge Swain’s court

By on June 4, 2020

SAN JUAN – The mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto, announced Thursday, that she filed an Informative Motion with Judge Laura Taylor Swain’s court on the effect that the elimination of Act 29 will cause.

“With CRIM (Spanish acronym for Municipal Revenue Collection Center) documents, we can unequivocally prove the damage that the elimination of Act 29 has done to all municipalities,” Cruz Soto said at a press conference.

Act 29 exempted municipalities from paying health coverage and pension plans.

“Forty-nine municipalities in Puerto Rico will see a reduction of more than $1 million, with the most affected municipality being Comerío, which will receive $2.4 million less. That will leave the municipality of Comerío nearly inoperative,” she said.

She mentioned that 24 municipalities will receive between $300,000 to $1 million less, with the municipality of Hormigueros the most affected.

There are five municipalities that receive more money: Humacao, Caguas, Ponce, Carolina and San Juan.

“San Juan receives $6.7 million more because it is the municipality that puts the most into the matching fund,” Cruz Soto said.

The mayor also said the CRIM Governing Board unanimously approved a request from the governor that, instead of returning $500 million from the emergency fund to the Financial Oversight and Managment Board (FOMB), using that money for the governor to cover the municipal cuts.

“A bill was filed in the House of Representatives,” she said.

In addition, she mentioned that on June 1, she sent a letter to the executive director of the FOMB, Natalie Jaresko, in relation to works carried out by the municipalities that are the responsibility of the central government but that the latter does not reimburse.

“The estimate of the state roads that the Municipality of San Juan manages is over $13 million a year,” the mayor explained.

She said that the destroyed avenues in San Juan are the Central Government’s responsibility, not the municipality’s.

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