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San Juan mayoral candidate reproaches incumbent for supporting anti-Promesa protests

By on September 9, 2016

NPP mayoral candidate for San Juan Leo Díaz

NPP mayoral candidate for San Juan Leo Díaz (CB photo/ Juan J. Rodríguez)

FAJARDO, Puerto Rico – The New Progressive Party (NPP) candidate for mayor of San Juan, Leo Díaz, on Friday railed against the capital’s mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz, for her support of protests against the establishment of the fiscal oversight board created by the Promesa federal law.

Díaz said that while Cruz approved funds to support protests against the federal fiscal board, some organizations in San Juan that provide food and medical care to the homeless, lack  sufficient funds to better provide those services.

“The mayor has much to explain about this matter because there are many needs in San Juan, and the little money available must be used well,” the capital’s NPP leader said.

In addition, Díaz called on the mayor to clarify her relationship with Anaudi Hernández, the convicted businessman and Popular Democratic Party (PDP) fundraiser who mentioned her in the ongoing federal trial on government corruption as one of the PDP leaders for whom fundraising events at his luxury residence in Aguadilla were held.

The former lawmaker and NPP mayoral candidate also urged Cruz to “tell the people” who paid for a car that was raffled to raise money for her 2012 campaign.

Cruz has defended her decision to allocate municipal funds to support the protests against the fiscal board, and Municipal Assembly President Marco A. Rigau said the action of the municipal legislature is legal and called the criticisms leveled against it partisan.

Díaz’s made the remarks to the press during the NPP’s platform convention, which began Friday and runs through Sunday, and to which the party’s leadership, led by gubernatorial candidate Ricardo Rosselló, will be attending.

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