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Sen. Rivera Filomeno Calls for Probe on Payment Network Outage

By on January 15, 2016

Sen. Luis Daniel Rivera Filomeno, president of the Senate Consumer Affairs Committee, has filed a resolution to investigate Saturday’s collapse of the automatic-teller machine (ATM) and points of sale network managed by Evertec, which prevented costumers from carrying out ATM or debit card transactions for various hours at numerous establishments.

“Our purpose is to investigate what happened and what is begin done to prevent this from happening again. In [Puerto Rico], transactions should not come to a halt that easily. There are innumerable cases posted in the social networks of problems created by this situation [the outage], and we want to investigate it properly. That is why we filed Senate Resolution 1321,” Rivera Filomeno said.

He explained that the purpose is “to know, specifically, the information related to the processing and protection of clients’ data, the rates businesses are charged and the processing of payments with credit cards.”

Rivera Filomeno added that customers in the mainland U.S. who use cards issued by local banks had problems carrying out transactions as well, and that local business people, including the president of the United Retailers Association, have expressed their concern about the situation.

Resolution 1321 will follow its due regulatory process in the Senate, and a public hearing will soon be convened so the committee can gather data and render a full report, with findings and recommendations, to the Senate.

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