Monday, March 1, 2021

Senate Appointments Committee Awaits Nominee Documents

By on February 9, 2021

SAN JUAN — Senate President José Luis Dalmau on Tuesday said that the chamber’s Appointments Committee is ready to begin the confirmation process, but that it is still waiting for those nominated by Gov. Pedro Pierluisi to head agencies to submit the required documents.

“Each of the officials, who are exercising their powers without any limitation since they were nominated in recess, will be rigorously evaluated and with the greatest sense of responsibility,” Dalmau said in a statement. “Not only will we evaluate documents on their professional and personal life, but we will require their work plans for the benefit of the island. To carry out this evaluation, our committee is ready to start the hearings.”

The Senate leader stressed that each nominee would have to demonstrate, through work plans, how they plan to address the main issues faced by their respective agencies. 

“There is no room for improvisation. Therefore, it is important that each of the nominees submit their complete documentation,” Dalmau added.

The hearings will begin with the evaluation of the secretary of State nominee, followed by the Justice, Education and Health secretaries.