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Senate Hearings to Reveal DACO’s Most Fined Companies

By on February 22, 2016

SAN JUAN – The Senate Labor Relations, Consumer Affairs and Job Creation Committee will reveal which companies are the most fined by the Consumer Affairs Department (DACO by its Spanish acronym).

DACO officials have been cited to testify Wednesday at public hearings and were requested to provide relevant information regarding the companies that have been fined the most for violating regulations that defend consumers.

“In the committee’s current process, we have addressed the issue of dual pricing of gasoline, as well as the drop in international oil prices, the rise in prescription drugs and additional payment alternatives other than cash,” Sen. Luis Rivera Filomeno said in a statement.

He added, “This time, we will identify the most common violations to DACO regulations that defend consumers. With this information we can establish a plan to work on and submit legislation or amendments to existing laws, if necessary.

“A very important part of this process is that consumers are well-informed of their rights and not wait until they are granted. People should know their rights and demand them. To the extent that the public is informed and has that power, you will find companies and businesses respecting them.”

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