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Senate President Ponders new Directions in Public Service

By on January 22, 2016

SAN JUAN – Word is going around that Senate President Eduardo Bhatia will be nominated by Gov. Alejandro García Padilla for president of the Puerto Rico Supreme Court, after its current president, Judge Liana Fiol Matta leaves the post Jan. 31.

Bhatia did not dismiss this possibility because he said he wants to serve Puerto Rico no matter the position. He added that for the moment, he is focused on legislative work and on his education reform bill, which was approved in the past legislative session of the Senate and is pending approval at the House of Representatives.  

He said that while García Padilla has not contacted him to talk about the matter, he is open to listen to and evaluate whatever is presented to him, because of his commitment to public service and because there are many positions from which to serve Puerto Rico, whether they be from the executive, judicial or legislative branches.

“I will serve the country from where I would consider the best position. The Legislature will be a very important forum to address the things Puerto Rico will face, but I’m open to listen to other proposals,” said Bhatia.

The Senate president was consistently mentioned as a possible aspiring candidate for governor from the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), but at the moment of filing his candidacy he opted to seek reelection as senator-at-large.

Judge Fiol Matta was appointed president of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico in 2014 after occupying a seat in the Appellate Court since 1992, after a long academic career.

Judge Fiol Matta graduated with a law degree from the University of Puerto Rico. She also earned master’s and doctoral degrees in law from Columbia University in New York.

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