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Senate Rejects House Version of Closing Law

By on June 29, 2016

SAN JUAN—The Senate sent to conference committee Wednesday the controversial amendments to the island’s Closing Law, a bill that has been in evaluation for more than two years, after rejecting changes made to the bill by the House.

The Puerto Rico Capitol building (CB photo/Eduardo San Miguel Tió)

The Puerto Rico Capitol building (CB photo/Eduardo San Miguel Tió)

Senate Bill 904 allows pharmacies with 25 employees or less to be exempted from the provisions of the Closing Law, allowing them to open from 5 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Sundays. The legislation also eliminates for these pharmacies the restriction that requires them to sell only medications, books, magazines and items of personal hygiene.

All businesses opening their doors on Sundays are required to pay workers $11.50 per hour except those that have 25 workers or less, those that operate in hotels, airports or  cultural and sports facilities, restaurants, and book stores.

The House passed the legislation but amended the bill to eliminate the $11.50 salary provision, Caribbean Business learned.

The Senate did not concur with the House amendments to the bill and opted to send it to conference committee so both chambers could work out their differences.

The senators also did not concur with House amendments to the bills that would create the Banco de Desarrollo Empresarial and repeal bodyguards for new governors.

The upper chamber, however, concurred with House amendments to Senate Bill 890, the Used Tires Management Law, which would grant the Environmental Quality Board oversight over the law and required the Solid Waste Authority to manage it.


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