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Serrallés Distillery Announces New Phase in its Community Initiative

By on April 14, 2020


Disinfectant Alcohol Now Available for Purchase

SAN JUAN — Destilería Serrallés Inc., which refocused its production to produce disinfecting alcohol amid the Covid-19 pandemic, announced this week that the product will now be available for retail sale.

The first phase of this social responsibility initiative led it to produce and donate some 57,000 gallons of disinfecting alcohol to support the healthcare and security sectors as they address the outbreak on the island.

“Our initiative achieved the primary objective of supporting the primary health sector so that it was well supplied with disinfecting alcohol at the beginning of the recent crisis,” said Philippe Brechot, president and CEO of Serrallés.

The product was distributed to:

—54 of the 68 primary hospitals on the island, including the Puerto Rico Medical Center as well as the VA hospital, which represents 80% of hospital facilities;
—At 44 municipalities’ Emergency Management offices, Emergency Rooms, Hospitals, and the Municipal Police;
—Government agencies such as the Emergency Management Offices, the 911 Emergency System, the Medical Sciences Campus, the Family and Health departments, the Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Ports Authority;
—Public safety agencies such as the Puerto Rico Police, the Fire Department, the Public Security Commission, the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the Department of Justice, among others;
—Non-profit entities that serve vulnerable and at-risk populations

“We are very proud that our donation backed efforts to prepare the primary health sector for the threat of COVID-19,” Brechot said.

With the completion of this phase, the company will now expand the market availability of this disinfecting alcohol. The executive indicated that Serrallés will be working with industrial alcohol distributors locally and will also be bottling disinfectant alcohol under the Superior 70 brand in 200-milliliter and 1-liter units, which will be available in supermarkets and pharmacies across the island soon.

“The spread of the coronavirus in Puerto Rico has continued to increase exponentially. We urge our citizens to comply with the quarantine provisions ordered by the Government of Puerto Rico and to follow the recommendations issued by the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] and the WHO [World Health Organization]. We have a collective responsibility to fulfill to help stop the rapid spread of this virus in Puerto Rico, which has also infected more than one million people globally,” Brechot said.

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