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Service at Puerto Rico Permits Office improves following reform

By on June 27, 2019

Economic Development Secretary Manuel Laboy Rivera and María Reina Cintrón Flores, auxiliary secretary of the Permits & Endorsements Management Office (CyberNews)

Economic Development secretary: 98% of survey respondents were highly satisfied

SAN JUAN — As a result of the new Single Business Portal (SBP), the Permits & Endorsements Management Office (OGPe by its Spanish acronym) of Puerto Rico’s Economic Development & Commerce Department (DDEC by its Spanish acronym) has improved its efficiency in terms of service to customers who apply for permits and certifications required for construction or remodeling a property, as well as to have their business operations authorized, DDEC secretary, Manuel Laboy Rivera said Thursday.

“On June 7, DDEC’s OGPe incorporated new products and certifications into the Single Business Portal to streamline and provide transparency to the process of requesting these documents. At the moment, the statistics are very positive because they show that the mechanisms to address consumer question through the online chat tool with OPGe staff, are of high satisfaction. Since the integration of the new products to the SBP from early June to June 21, 1,270 individuals were attended, of which 98 percent assured, through a survey, being satisfied with the personalized attention received through the portal,” Laboy said in a release.

The official said during the period, 252 applications were requested, including Single Permit, Single Incidental Permits, Location Consultation and Construction Permits.

OGPe Auxiliary Secretary María Reina Cintrón Flores added that the changes implemented to unify processes and expedite licenses, certifications and permits, among others, are the result of the new Joint Regulation, which aims to provide uniformity to processes at all the island’s municipalities, including the autonomous city halls. This way, the way of doing business on the island is facilitated.

Cintrón used as an example a store in San Germán, whose owner used the SBP website and obtained approval of his Single Permit and inspection in three days. To process permits and certifications through the Single Business Portal, as well as for more information, visit

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