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SHRM PR Highlights the Holistic View for Local Businesses

By on June 24, 2021

The term holistic means “everything” in Greek. It has become a predominant aspect of any business that seeks to stand out from the external and global factors that continually impact its stability and growth. The implications of incorporating a holistic view are directed in the opposite direction that many companies used for years to specialize their employees in specific tasks. The market challenges, the business environment, and the workplace require the promotion and assurance of a strategic and global vision that helps each resource understand its impact and relevance in the organization and its results.

Every organization must highlight and align efforts and resources in the importance of maintaining a global vision considering those elements or factors close (internal context) and those more distant elements that affect the development of business activity (external context). All the above is stimulated by the globality of the current economic system.

This perspective is an exciting challenge for companies, which must always work with a global perspective to provoke possible changes and anticipate them. The holistic strategy proposes to create interdisciplinary groups or work teams where everyone contributes their perspective and experience to the solution of a problem. In this way, the employee will feel part of the system, understand the overall objectives set by management and increase their sense of belonging. If you know the company’s goals and transfer to which path you want to go, employees will feel like their own organization’s successes. Therefore, the organization will get more motivated and committed. 

With these concepts, we join to expand the perspective of different business models, currents of thought, and implementations of modern ways of working applied in organizations due to the presence of an increasingly complicated and changing environment.

We invite you to learn more about this topic on August 18, 2021, where SHRM PR will virtually hold the event “Becoming: The Journey Experience.” In this edition, one of the main themes will be the holistic view of a business. This topic will be discussed by two local entrepreneurs who have stories of success and innovation—first, Bettina Mercado, Founder of Bettina Cosmetics, a beauty industry company.

The history of Bettina Cosmetics is genuinely relevant to the changes and challenges experienced by local companies looking to export their products and services. Courage, planning, leadership, and their vocation to help others have been key to connecting critical business elements and human factors.

The second businessman who will be contributing to the discussion of this issue will be Adolfo Santana. This entrepreneur of the food industry differentiated his products in the vegan market. The generation of ideas and strategies has been vital to ensure that your company continues to grow, assuming several simultaneous roles and understanding the business dynamics to enhance its innovation capabilities.

Today more than ever, we must be ambassadors to carry not only a message but to share strategies and new ways of doing business to obtain tangible results that exceed the established goals. Likewise, it is necessary to train, develop, and provide the tools required for the human capital in the organization, which depends on achieving the synergy that every business needs. During these trying times, there is no doubt the importance of acting with a high sense of urgency and of conscience should be highlighted, even when the action is not performed. 

We need a sense of urgency to integrate the best practices to do business and lead the staff in the best possible way. Generate the strategies to identify changes, adjustments, and modifications necessary to obtain the desired results. As Deepak Chopra said, “Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future.”

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