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SHRM-PR to hold annual conference on innovative virtual platform

By on August 11, 2020

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SAN JUAN — The Society for Human Resources Management-Puerto Rico Chapter (SHRM-PR), which represents more than 1,300 executives and HR professionals, is inviting those in the profession, as well as business leaders and the public to participate in the educational program of its annual conference, “Connect: Human Experience to Business in a Digital Era.”

This year’s event will take place virtually from Wednesday, Aug. 12 to Friday, Aug. 14. It will be held a virtual platform created by Astra Studios that simulates a convention center with a hall, auditoriums and lounges for exhibitors and networking, and allows offering more information to participants, while collecting more data on attendees, “offering added value to the participating companies,” the organizations said.

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“We had chosen the topic of digital connection since last year, anticipating the technological advancements expected in the future, without knowing that it would…coincide with the circumstances we are experiencing. This annual conference is going to be a living example of what we will be talking about, a topic that is now more relevant than ever,” said Ada Bermúdez, director of the 2020 Annual Conference. “The SHRM-PR annual conference has always been characterized by its extensive and enriching educational program and this year will not be the exception, but this time we will be innovating in the digital area with a system that is truly amazing, for all the possibilities and benefits it has, both for SHRM-PR and its sponsors, exhibitors and event participants.”

In the society’s press release, Francisco Zamora, who heads Astra Studios, said he was looking forward to demonstrating the Virtual Way PR platform.

“People will enter a convention center with its lobby with instructions on what activities and conferences are being offered and labeled with brands that sponsor the event, auditoriums for educational live or partially live talks, halls with exhibitors to interact with live with representatives of those brands and be able to gather information, a networking room to enter into one-to-one or group conversations, etc.,” Zamora said, adding that Virtual Way PR can be utilized for other events such as product launches, workshops, job fairs and meetings.

The society said that among the benefits of using Virtual Way PR is that the conference will be available “24/7 for 30 days; more people will have access to it than to the annual face-to-face conference; everything will be documented, including who enters each exhibitor space or talk and both SHRM-PR and the sponsors will receive a detailed report of the interaction of the participants.”

The convention can be viewed on an internet browser without having to download an application, the release pointed out, followed by SHRM-PR President Dianelly Torres saying that the “investment maximization of our sponsors and participants is much greater with this format, due to all the possibilities and information it offers.”

Among the most anticipated international speakers are Media CEO Damián Russo and Denise Lee Yohn, expert in brand leadership and author.

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“As usual, and this year in a very innovative way, the annual conference will serve as a meeting point for colleagues and a center for disseminating knowledge about our profession, while we contribute to the well-being of the country,” Torres concluded.

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