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Social Media Campaign Against Insecticide to Combat Zika Launched

By on July 7, 2016

With the aim of stopping the possible use of Naled, and insecticide, for fumigation against the aedes aegypti mosquito that carries the Zika virus, a group of citizens launched this morning a campaign to gather signatures requesting Gov. Alejandro García Padilla to ban the practice immediately.

“We are convinced that Naled would harm our people. Sadly the governor insists in fumigating with this dangerous chemical. Because of this we have launched a campaign in social media to collect signatures to send a clear and overwhelming message to this government: Puerto Rico does not want the use of Naled,” said Carlos Flores Vega, who is a candidate from the New Progressive Party to the House of Representatives.

Flores Vega called on people to use the hashtag #NoalNaled in all their communications through social media such as Tweeter and Facebook. He added that today a Facebook page under the name “No al Naled”(No to Naled) will be launched so that people can click on the “like” status and thus create a bank of signatures.

“The purpose is the communicate the message that we do not want Naled, which was banned in Europe in 2012, while in the U.S. mayors of the Florida Keys oppose its use because it eliminated the snail that provided marine biodiversity in the area, among other secondary effects,” he said.Aedes-wiki-commons

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