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Solar energy experts discuss transformation of Puerto Rico utility

By on February 2, 2018

SAN JUAN – Various perspectives on the future of solar energy in Puerto Rico were discussed Thursday during the Clean Energy Summit, held at the San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino in Condado, with participation by entrepreneurs and professionals from the industry.

“Puerto Rico is at an opportune moment to transform its electrical system. The path is solar energy. The Clean Energy Summit served to verify that the local industry is strong and ready to help rebuild Puerto Rico with the latest technology from renewable sources,” engineer PJ Willson, organizer of the event, said in a written statement.

The summit, organized by the Puerto Rico Solar Energy Industries Association, was attended by more than 100 businesspeople and industry professionals. The topics discussed included the prospects in Puerto Rico for the solar energy industry after the passage of Hurricane Maria, and high demand for the service.

Public comment period on Puerto Rico microgrid regulations opened

During some of the conferences, different scenarios for the solar energy industry were discussed, especially with the recent announcement that the Electric Power Authority (Prepa) would be transformed.

The president of New Energy, Alejandro Uriarte, highlighted the range of opportunities on the island. “After Hurricane Maria, the scenario is ripe for the growth of Puerto Rico’s solar energy industry over the next few years. Some questions we raised during the forums were: Can the solar energy industry meet the high demand? What methodologies are going to be required in this scenario? What will be the impact of new federal rates?” Uriarte asked. Prepa’s possible transformation, he added, is also an element that must be considered by solar energy industry professionals.

On Friday, discussion will include the topics of microgrids, strengthening Puerto Rico’s solar energy industry and the creation of awareness about the need for renewable-energy sources.

The inaugural energy conference also features workshops on microgrid design and construction, solar and battery technologies, and grid resilience.



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