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Something Is Wrong In The PDP

By on December 30, 2015

By Ismael Torres
SAN JUAN – What seems to be the beginning of a stampede of lawmakers trying to bail out of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) by not running for reelection hints that something must be wrong within the institution.  
The most recent desertion, House Majority Speaker Charlie Hernández, didn’t seem to surprise anyone. 
For months grapevine rumors have anticipated Hernández would resign to his seat in the House in exchange for a bench in the Appellate Court, but he has consistently denied the rumors and while other designations to the court have been made, his is still to be made. 
“I thank my constituents for their support and solidarity for these past 16 years, during which I enjoyed their electoral support in three primaries and four general elections. I also thank those who generously have insisted I stay active in politics. I’m honored by their confidence and support,” said Hernández after announcing he will not seek reelection. 
Hernández said his dropping out of the race demonstrates elective politics are not a profession but a priesthood. The lawmaker leaves the legislature with hundreds of bills filed, more than a hundred bills passed into law and more than a thousand amendments or legislative debates. 
This last weekend PDP representative José Báez (Precinct 4/ San Juan), announced he will not run for reelection after his first term in the legislature. 
Báez will be going back to his private practice as a lawyer because there is a group within the PDP that conducts itself as independent candidates and do not support party initiatives. He specifically mentioned San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz. He also made reference to representatives Luis Vega Ramos, Luis Raúl Torres and Manuel Natal, without mentioning them by name. Báez charged them with acting in concert to boycott Gov. Alejandro García Padilla’s initiatives. 
Báez will not seek reelection because he is not convinced PDP gubernatorial hopeful David Bernier will be able to effectively confront those party leaders, as Gov. García Padilla hasn’t been able to either. 

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