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[Special Ad Supplement] 3A Press Helps Clients Package Success

By on June 5, 2017

Back in 1996, 3A Press took the knowledge of three generations of packaging experience to specifically service the packaging requirements of the life sciences industry. What began as supplying what are known as instructions for use, whether perfect bound or stapled manuals and/or inserts, has expanded through the years to also providing folding cartons and training / assembly kits.

“Twenty-one years ago, my brothers and I unified our strengths and implemented a strategy to specifically service the life sciences industry,” said Marie A. Rosado Collado, president of 3A Press. “Our three generations of packaging experience and history allowed us to build an infrastructure and staff that not only understands our customers’ needs but, most importantly, also commits to complying with their standards on a consistent basis.”

Throughout these 20 years, 3A Press harnessed the opportunities presented by an industry that has significantly evolved into more sophisticated technology as with raw materials that represent a higher-quality printed product, according to Alex Rosado Collado, vice president & general manager at 3A Press.

“This trend spiraled up specifically in the past 15 years with advances in pre-press workflows, Computer to Plate technology, vision-proofing systems, computer-enhanced press preparation, security systems, production controls, digital printing and so on,” said Alex, adding that constant innovation has positioned 3A Press as a leader in the industry in Puerto Rico. “We have become the standard and this has earned us the respect not only of our customers but also our competitors. In fact, our competitors are emulating what we are doing and this inspires us to be even better, which results in major benefits to our customers.”

Marie described 3A Press’ mission as “investing in quality to achieve excellence.”

Therefore, we continually strive to keep up with technology by upgrading equipment and through continuing education of our human resources in all technological advancements,” she said. “An example of this is that we have the only G7-certified trainer in our Pre-Press Department.”

As the only local ISO 9001:2008 certified printing company, 3A Press reinforces the confidence clients already have in utilizing 3A Press as a critical material supplier.

“These designations are not easily earned and are proof of the integrity of our operations,” Marie said.

Given the nature of its business, 3A Press is thoroughly committed to the protection of the environment, specifically with the preservation and management of forests worldwide, and has certifications from the Forest Stewardship Council, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Alex said.

“Our commitment to the environment is supported by the acquisition of a solar panel system to supply the manufacturing site’s energy demand,” Alex said. “This system produces 929,867 kilowatt-hours and prevents total emissions of 1,241,406 pounds of CO2.”

Besides serving the life sciences industry, 3A Press serves the consumer products and food & beverage industries, and is contemplating entering other markets such as labels and large-format printing.

“Our service is based on absolute dedication to our customers; we understand customers not only consider quality and price when choosing their packaging solutions supplier, but also personalized and reliable customer service,” Marie said. “Our relationship with our customers is one of respect, trust and gratitude.”

As for the future, Alex said the company will continue to present more solutions for its customers so they can focus on their core business and rely on 3A Press to manage their packaging needs. Another goal for the next 20 years is to expand 3A Press’ operations overseas.

“Our specialized professionals in different areas of the manufacturing process make 3A Press more efficient when responding to our customers’ different requirements,” he said. “It is their commitment to quality and service that has made it possible for 3A Press, 21 years later, to continue its growth.”

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