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Special Legislative Sessions On Pipeline

By on August 8, 2016


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Gov. Alejandro García Padilla

SAN JUAN — At least two special legislative sessions will be convened by Gov. Alejandro García Padilla, one of which could take place as soon as this month and the other after the general elections in November, the governor told the press Monday in Coamo.

“There will be two special [legislative] sessions, one before the elections and another one after it,” said García Padilla, adding that it is “very probable” one of them is scheduled for this month.

The governor is in conversation with House Speaker Jaime Perelló and Senate President Eduardo Bhatia to discuss the possible measures that would be discussed, and possible dates when all lawmakers can participate.

One possible legislation that could be part of one of the special sessions would be geared toward the island’s ailing retirement systems. Earlier this month, García Padilla vetoed House Bill 2959, which included, among other things, language that incorporated Popular Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate David Bernier’s plan to improve the Puerto Rico government’s severely underfunded retirement systems.

At the time, the governor left the door open to address the matter in a special legislative session, during which new legislation can be presented solely to  tackle the island’s public retirement systems. La Fortaleza further stated that it is important to ensure adequate funding for these, as required by the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management & Economic Stability Act, or Promesa.

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