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State Insurance Fund Director Denounced for Cronyism

By on March 8, 2016

SAN JUAN – The director of the Puerto Rico State Insurance Fund Corp. (SIF), Liza Estrada Figueroa, is allegedly covering up illegal actions by a close friend by halting all investigations on complaints filed against managerial level employees at the agency, New Progressive Party (NPP) Sen. Ángel “Chayanne” Martínez Santiago said.

The senator said that the new order to stop administrative investigations “has a name and last name: Mrs. Wendy Lind Casado,” SIF’s operations director.

“This past December 15, in an unusual move, the members of the Internal Audit Committee of SIF’s Governing Board, with the approval of Estrada, sent a memo to its auditors asking them to stop any ongoing investigation and not to go forward with any new ones,” said Martínez Santiago,senator for the district of Arecibo. “Ironically that order stops as complaint filed against Lid Casado for falsifying public documents. What’s going on at SIF? Why is this person being protected? There are a lot of questions Estrada has to answer,” he said in a statement Tuesday.

According to Martínez Santiago, for some “mysterious reason” the agency’s Internal Audit Committee informed its auditors to not initiate “new orders” and gives specific instruction to auditors to “not to do anything.” He added that basically what is being asked from the auditors is to “look the other way” when any person has a complaint or requires that the Internal Auditing Office verify any irregularities referred to it.

“This letter from [SIF] is a shield against any investigation. In essence it seems to be designed to protect Mrs. Lind Casado, among other people,” Martínez Santiago said. “According to information we have received this official falsified an internal SIF form to take continued judicial education courses with extra benefits. Incredibly, the person who became aware of this had to go to the Government Ethics Office because Internal Auditing did not do anything in line with the new instructions from Estrada and her Governing Board,” he concluded.

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