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State Insurance Fund: Payroll Statement Due Wednesday

By on July 18, 2016

SAN JUAN – State Insurance Fund Corp. (SIF) Administrator Liza Estrada Figueroa reminded employers Monday that to ensure their immunity as an employer in case of a workplace accident, they have until Wednesday, July 20, to file their respective payroll declarations for the workers insurance policy, homeowner’s policy and self-employment policy.

SIF policies offer employers immunity, medical services, hospitalization and compensation for the injured.

SIF logo CFSE“Employers can visit any of our regional offices or headquarters to hand in their payroll statement and pay for the policy. They also have the option to visit the website,, to pay,” Estrada Figueroa pointed out.

In its published reminder, SIF said employers have the responsibility to protect employees against health hazards in the workplace through a SIF-covered policy and must comply with the Work-Related Accident Compensation System Act.

The workers’ policy allows employers to operate at the covered premises continuously, SIF explained. The homeowners’ policy covers work such as maintenance, cleaning, gardening, plumbing, child care, domestic services and permanent improvements that do not involve structural changes to the home. SIF offers a policy for individuals who are self-employed, providing coverage in case of an accident.

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