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Statistics Institute creates section to provide data on Hurricane Maria

By on October 6, 2017

San Juan – The Institute of Statistics of Puerto Rico (IEPR, by its Spanish acronym) announced yesterday the creation of a new section on its website,, which was created with the intention of facilitating access to data related to the passage of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.d

Among the information that can be found in the “Data about Hurricane Maria” section are the Government of Puerto Rico’s website outlining the recovery status of facilities, as well as physical and technological infrastructures recovery efforts:

It also includes several links of interest such as, which offers information on voluntary emergency housing for Puerto Ricans and other Caribbean islands affected by hurricanes Maria and Irma;, which collects information and allows you to visualize the needs identified by the municipality of origin and provide an approximation of the necessary help; and, which identifies on a map the open gas stations in Puerto Rico.

In addition, the new section includes interactive maps with information on USPS offices and gas stations that are open, businesses that accept debit and credit cards, shelters available during the emergency period and those operated by FEMA, the trajectory of Hurricane Maria as well as the municipalities without communication antennas in Puerto Rico.

“The purpose of this section is to facilitate access to information and data produced by local, state and federal agencies, as well as various institutions interested in the subject. We will be updating it to continually add any relevant information,” said the executive director of the Institute, Dr. Mario Marazzi-Santiago.

The Institute of Statistics of Puerto Rico is an autonomous government entity in charge of coordinating the government’s statistical production service to ensure that data collection and statistical systems on which the public policies are based on are complete, reliable, fast and accessible. The IEPR has in its inventory, which can be accesed through, about 300 statistical products. In addition, it registers and provides access to over 100 sets of data through and over 40 tables and more than 6,000 indicators through:

As the leading entity of the State Data Center (SDC) of Puerto Rico, the IEPR manages the SDC portal, which contains the main statistical reports and U.S. publications of the Census Bureau on Puerto Rico, specifically those that are most requested, such as annual population estimates, the Puerto Rico Community Survey, and the official statistics on the Puerto Rico’s population and housing censuses, among others. The SDC portal of Puerto Rico can be accessed through:

For more information, you can visit Also, you can follow the IEPR on Facebook (, Twitter (@EstablisticasPR) and Linkedin (Institute of Statistics of Puerto Rico).

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