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Statistics Institute Pleased with Task Force Report

By on December 21, 2016

SAN JUAN — Puerto Rico Statistics Institute (SI) Director Mario Marazzi Santiago reacted Wednesday to the recommendations included in the Puerto Rico Economic Development Task Force regarding the institute’s operations.

Dr. Mario Marazzi-Santiago, executive director of the Puerto Rico Statistics Institute (SI) / File

Dr. Mario Marazzi-Santiago, executive director of the Puerto Rico Statistics Institute (SI) / File

“The SI is in the best disposition to continue collaborating and working with all federal and local agencies to ensure that the statistics produced in the government of Puerto Rico have updated methodologies, are reliable and have universal access. We are satisfied with the recommendations related to the institute and we thank the acknowledgement they made in regard to the labor we are committed to continue carrying out,” said Marazzi Santiago via written declarations.

Specifically, the official referenced the recommendation presented in page 45 of the final report, related to an adequate level of fund assignments and the institute’s independence.

The report establishes that the entity has emerged as highly professional, autonomous and apolitical organization that brings more transparency to the island’s economic, financial and fiscal situations.

“Recognizing that the government of Puerto Rico faces a difficult fiscal environment, the Task Force recommends that the government of Puerto Rico consider appropriating a level of funding to the Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics that is commensurate with its important responsibilities. The Task Force also recommends that the Institute of Statistics continue to protect its independence and take all feasible steps to publish its products in English in addition to Spanish so these products can have the widest possible audience, reads the Task Force’s report.

The SI is an autonomous public entity that produces the government’s statistics to ensure that systems for data collection and statistics are complete, reliable and have immediate and universal access.

Read the full report here.

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