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Statistics Institute to Participate in Hour of Code 2015

By on December 17, 2015

The Puerto Rico Statistics Institute will take part in the Hour of Code 2015, a world-level educational event to promote the learning of computer programming languages.

The Hour of Code, whose slogan is “We can all learn,” consists of each participant dedicating at least one hour or more to computer-programming activities designed to dispel myths and apprehension typically associated with the computer sciences. Furthermore, the event wishes to stress that any person, of any age, economic status or gender can learn to program.

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor estimates that the occupations that require skills in math and computers will continue to experience high demand over the next decade,” said Mario Marazzi Santiago, the institute’s director. “That is why it is imperative for all sectors, including the government, to promote the development of these skills for our citizens and, through this effort, help boost our economy.”

For more information about the Hour of Code 2015, visit . It is expected that tens of millions of people from more than 180 countries will participate in the event.

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