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Statistics Reflect Rise in November Employment

By on January 5, 2016

SAN JUAN – Employment increased during November 2015, according to data compiled by the Studies and Statistics Division of Labor Statistics Bureau. The data, released Tuesday by the Puerto Rico Statistics Institute, reflect an increase in employment in all areas of the labor market.

According to the report, the area with most growth in Puerto Rico in terms of employment comprises the San Juan, Carolina and Caguas municipalities, with an increase of 10,600 jobs, followed by the area consisting of Aguadilla, Isabela and Ponce, with a increase of 1,100 jobs.

The Mayagüez metro area, on the western region of the island, reported an increase of 600 jobs, while the Arecibo area on the northern coast of Puerto Rico reported an increase of 500 jobs. San Germán, on the southwest and its surrounding area reported an increase of 400 jobs, while the town of Guayama and its surrounding areas in the south reported an increase of 200 jobs.

“An increase in employment is observed for all metropolitan areas when compared with November 2014, where San Juan, Carolina and Caguas stand out with an increase of 14,300 people,” the report states.

Of all the municipalities, San Juan registered the most employment growth, with an additional 2,700 employed when compared with last year.

For November 2015, the San Juan, Carolina and Caguas metro area estimates indicate the workforce decreased by 7,000 people.

“When compared with November 2014, an increase of 3,400 people in the workforce is observed for the San Juan, Carolina and Caguas area,” the report states.

Regarding unemployment, the areas of the labor market that reflect a decrease in unemployment are San Juan, Carolina and Caguas (17,600), Ponce (3,500), Aguadilla and Isabela (2,400), Arecibo (1,400), San Germán (1,100), and Guayama and Mayagüez (900).

“Compared with the November 2014 estimates, a decrease in unemployment for all areas of the labor market can be seen, with San Juan, Carolina, Caguas, and Aguadilla and Isabela standing out with a decrease of 10,800 and 2,300 people,” the report states.

The municipality with the lowest unemployment rate in November is Culebra (4.1%), followed by Guaynabo (5.9%) and Trujillo Alto (6.9%)

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