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Stomach Relief Medicine Sees Drop in Purchase Incidence

By on July 31, 2017

SAN JUAN — It is quite common to have an upset stomach due to an illness, overindulging at meal times or as a reaction to stress. For many people, eating bland foods such as bananas, soda crackers and toast, as well as taking stomach relief medicine, usually helps ease the problem. This week’s Gaither International survey has found 19% of Puerto Rican respondents have purchased stomach relief medicine within the past 30 days.

“This category is one of the categories we see with a noticeable decline in incidence. Some of these declines can be attributed to the combination of overall population loss with the island’s economic struggle. Since 2014, the category has dropped by 5 percentage points,” said Melanie Dederick, a client service associate at Gaither International.

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When asked which brand of stomach medicine respondents have purchased within the past 30 days, the top brand mentioned was Zantac with a 46% purchase incidence. Other top brands mentioned were: Gaviscon (13% purchase incidence), Pepto Bismol (11%), Tums (10%), Prilosec (7%), Maalox (6%), Mylanta (4%) and Alka-Seltzer (3%).

Additionally, when asked where they purchased this medicine, the top-three-mentioned locations were at a pharmacy (73%), big chain supermarkets (27%) and small chain supermarkets (15%).

The preferred type of stomach relief medicine among consumers seems to be in liquid form (27%), followed by capsules (24%), dissolving tablets / powder (10%) and chewable tablets (4%). “However, 35% of respondents said they didn’t know which type of stomach medicine they prefer; this could mean that they either do not recall all the different types available for them in the market or they could also be pretty indifferent in terms of which they prefer,” Dederick said.

Among age groups, there does not seem to be a largely significant preference for types of medicine except among those 12 to 18 years of age, whose preferred type of medicine is dissolving tablets / powders, and among the 35-to-54 age segment, whose preferred type is chewable tablets. In addition, among genders, there is a preference within the female segment for capsules, while the male segment prefers chewable tablets.

The results are from Gaither International’s Media Brand Profiles syndicated study, which interviews about 500 people weekly from among a representative sample of Puerto Rico’s population ages 12 and older.

Polling is conducted by Gaither International and results are reported exclusively by Caribbean Business.

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