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Students Demand UPR President be Ousted

By on February 20, 2016

SAN JUAN – University of Puerto Rico (UPR) General Student Council President Guillermo Guasp demanded that the institution’s governing board relieve university President Uroyoán Walker Ramos from his post for not having fulfilled his duties and because the student body has lost its confidence in him.

In a letter to governing board President Jorge Sánchez Colón, the student leader also denounced Walker Ramos for not having acted in defense of the university’s autonomy.

Walker Ramos has been at the center of the so called “scholarship scandal,” where he allegedly benefitted friends and family of university officials by illegally awarding them scholarships that were supposed to be competitive awards.

Guasp’s letter and remarks follow New Progressive Party (NPP) Sen. Ángel Martínez’s announcement that he was referring the case to the Justice Department and the Government Ethics Office to conduct an investigation into the role, if any, Walker Ramos had in awarding the scholarships and other privileges to UPR students.

“A transformation of the university’s administrative and academic infrastructure is required from us today with the greatest possible transparency and in defense of the alma mater. We demand from you and the body you preside to promote the continuous accountability on the part of the administrators,” reads the letter sent to Sánchez Colón.

Walker Ramos has said the awarding of the presidential scholarships was done following current university regulations.

“There is no space for speculation here. The process is transparent and the chancellors of each of the campuses are the ones who recommend the candidates, who in turn are supposed to comply with all the regulations and requisites of the [scholarship] program,”  Walker Ramos said.

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