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Students learn about production lines during Puerto Rico Manufacturing Week

By on October 4, 2018

SAN JUAN – More than 300 young people from vocational schools in the municipalities of Santa Isabel, Maricao, San Juan, Canovanas, Manatí, Yauco, Caguas, Mayagüez, Humacao and Peñuelas participated this week in the Simulation Process activity carried out by Puerto Rico’s Manufacturing Extension Inc. (Primex), Industrial Development Co. (Pridco) and Manufacturers Association (PRMA) as part of the celebration of Manufacturing Week. The celebration ends Friday with Manufacturing Day.

“The event tries to show young people, who will soon be part of the workforce, the need for continuous improvement in processes, create awareness about it and it is done through a practical experience of a sandwich assembly simulation to see how a line operates, how to maintain a production flow, what opportunities exist when the waste that can be generated in that line is addressed, and to raise enthusiasm and awareness about that need for improvement, so that when they become part of the labor force, they can contribute to the companies or work more effectively and competitively,” Primex industrial engineer Julio Lugo explained in a statement.

Lugo called the students’ execution excellent. “They got an A. No. 1, there was enthusiasm in the group and although there were inefficiencies, they acknowledged them and in an atmosphere of jokiness and joy. The idea is for them to learn. That in the future, when they are attending a process, they look for the best way possible to do it.”

As part of the activity, two process lines were created, one with a traditional production line and the other with a “Lean Line.” At the tables where a Traditional Production Line was developed, the young people had to develop the product in nine steps, including inspection. The Lean Line students had to make the sandwiches in four steps.

For Evanis Marie Pérez Soto, a student at the Dr. Heriberto Domenech vocational school of Isabela, it was an enlightening event.

“It’s interesting how the manufacturing industry brings so much to the economy. I experienced a real example of how the manufacturing industry works. I felt pressured; I wanted to do it in an agile way, but I wanted to do it well,” she said.

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