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Students set protest date as University of Puerto Rico reopens

By on June 12, 2017

SAN JUAN – As the University of Puerto Rico’s (UPR) Río Piedras campus prepares to resume the semester after a student strike that kept its gates closed for nearly two months, Loidymar Duprey, spokesperson of the Student Movement, assured Monday that the student will continue to protest and have set a date for a march.

“The strike held in defense of the university for the past few months fills us with pride. We keep our head high after we have given it all, and we will go for more in this struggle. We urge students and the university community to participate in the march next Wednesday, June 14, at 11:30 a.m. at the Student Center,” Duprey said in a written statement.

The student representative denounced that the government’s budget cuts to the island’s public university system are higher than projected for fiscal year 2018. The multimillion-dollar cuts to education suggested by the Financial Oversight & Management Board began at roughly $149 million, but as of July 1 that number stands at roughly $202 million, she said

“Students remain firm in their demands and urge the University Board to certify the Institutional Dialogue Committee’s pre-agreements, ratified in the Student Assembly of the Río Piedras campus on May 25,” Duprey said.

Moreover, she railed against the deans after they allegedly kept the university gates closed to the academic community during the cleaning process amid the campus’s reopening.

“We reject the guidelines of the Corps of Deans and the Dean of Administration of our campus, which turned aggressive against colleagues…, violating the ‘No Confrontation Policy.’ We demand the return of the container they stole from our project that will stave off the hunger of hundreds of students oppressed by austerity,” Duprey said.


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