Sunday, January 29, 2023

Study Confirms Saturation of Medical Cannabis Market

By on March 24, 2022

Reveals Number of Dispensaries in Metro Area Threatens Industry

From left: Economist Gustavo Vélez and MICaM President José Aleczer Rivera

For the last five years, the Association of Members of the Medical Cannabis Industry (MICaM by its Spanish acronym), together with other industry groups, has sistently warned about a possible collapse of the industry due to the lack of organization and control in the granting of dispensary licenses by the Medical Cannabis Regulatory Board (JRCM by its Spanish initials), the state regulatory body for medical cannabis in Puerto Rico.

However, the government and its regulatory body seem to continue to ignore the warnings and demands of this important sector, which is currently in danger of collapsing due to the JRCM and the industry’s components being out of step.

“It is one thing to talk about economic development in the growth of an industry in a proportionate and strategic way, and another very different thing to think only about the revenue from licenses and applications,” MICaM President José Aleczer Rivera lamented about the government’s approach to the industry.

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