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Sunrun ‘applauds’ Puerto Rico gov for signing ‘100% clean energy bill’

By on April 11, 2019

Sunrun crews install rooftop solar panels in San Juan, Puerto Rico. (Courtesy)

Says the bi-partisan legislation embraces a resilient and distributed future grid design for Puerto Rico

SAN JUAN – Sunrun Inc., a home energy services company, applauded Thursday Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló “for his vision” and enactment of the Puerto Rico Energy Public Policy Act, which establishes a 100% renewable energy target by 2050.

Sunrun designs, installs, finances, insures, monitors and maintains home solar energy systems and offers a home solar battery service, Brightbox, that manages household solar energy, storage and utility power.

“Governor Rosselló’s approval of this transformational clean energy law marks a historic day for all Puerto Ricans,” said Lynn Jurich, CEO and co-founder of Sunrun. “Embracing technology like home solar and batteries will play a critical role in accomplishing these trailblazing goals, putting the people of Puerto Rico at the center of the solution with local jobs and clean, resilient, reliable, energy for homes across the island.”

The legislation establishes a 100% renewable energy renewable portfolio standard (RPS) by 2050, bans coal plants starting in 2028, provides for automatic interconnection to the grid of customer-sited solar energy systems below 25 kilowatts, and reduces the utility approval time to 90 days for commercial and industrial solar projects.

Additionally, the act mandates that solar energy users have access to net metering within one month of a system’s installation, that new solar consumers are grandfathered and protected from policy changes for the next 20 years, and “clarifies that the existing net metering policy and grandfathering protection shall be in place for no less than five years. These provisions ensure that local consumers will benefit from the adoption of the new law,” the company said in a release.

“The new law also showcases the right way to build RPS standards, by clarifying that all scales of renewable energy production, including home solar energy, will count for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) for RPS compliance,” Sunrun added.

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