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Supreme Court Judge to swear in Rosselló as governor

By on December 8, 2016


Puerto Rico Supreme Court Chief Justice Maite Oronoz and Governor-elect Ricardo Rosselló

SAN JUAN – Puerto Rico Supreme Court Chief Justice Maite Oronoz will swear in Governor-elect Ricardo Rosselló in a traditional ceremony on Jan. 2.

This was confirmed by Rosselló himself Wednesday afternoon after his meeting with the chief judge in the top court.

The governor-elect’s father, former Gov. Pedro Rosselló, had asked Associate Justice Baltasar Corrada del Río, who was appointed by the New Progressive Party (NPP), to administer his oath of office on the steps of the Capitol.

Meanwhile, the governor-elect also said he will establish a new process for judicial appointments to try to make them more transparent and participatory, and less political.

“If that’s the case [that the island’s judicial class has become a club for certain social classes] it won’t be under my administration. We want people who have merit, where ever they come from, they can be so and so’s children, but they can also be people who have’nt had any connection to the past. Those who have the merits must be the people we put in positions of importance and relevance for our society. That is my commitment to Puerto Rico,” the governor-elect said.

Rosselló said the new mechanisms for appointing judges will be similar to the ones he has followed to designate his cabinet members.

This consists of “creating a platform” called a talent bank, “where everyone can submit their data, their resumes.” In some cases, candidates undergo “tests to see their skill levels, areas of expertise and intelligence that individuals have to put them in the positions they deserve.

“I want to be a transparent governor, who respects the processes, but who has the ability to reengineer those processes,” the new governor added.

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