Friday, March 31, 2023

Supreme Court Upholds Decision to Deny Haulage Rate Increase

By on August 16, 2021

The Supreme Court of Puerto Rico upheld a decision of the Court of Appeals that denied a request by the Bureau of Transportation and other Public Services, a regulatory agency, to increase the haulage rates by 35 percent.

The highest court also rejected a request of the United Front of Truckers to intervene in the case. The organization was one of the entities that spearheaded a strike that disrupted supplies to gas stations, among other establishments, last July. 

The protest ended after the local government conceded to approve an increase that could land before the local courts as a separate case, according to supporters of the haulage hike, since the most recent ruling dealt with a lawsuit filed by the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce earlier this year. 

The Chamber of Commerce sent a press release today to support the verdict.  “We are delighted with the decision of the Supreme Court to deny the petition of certiorari requested by the Bureau of Transportation in the lawsuit filed by the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce,” said Luis Gierbolini, president of the business organization. 

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