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Target Point to Begin the Year With Major Investments

By on December 24, 2015


Target Point, the Puerto Rico outdoor-media company, will invest some $2 million in new projects next year, said Daniel Ramy, media manager at Target Point.

The investment will be for three sites that will feature the nontraditional billboard concept that has been the trademark of the company. Instead of the usual 14 foot x 48 foot rectangle billboard on a tall pole, Target Point has developed a concept that places digital billboards, or screens, on specially designed structures that aim to blend with the surroundings through elements such as shape and color, among other factors.

“We are a 100% Puerto Rican company and are betting on our growth through innovative outdoor -media concepts that not only set us apart from the rest, but also help a client’s message get noticed,” Ramy said.

Target Points has five structures that represent a total of eight digital screens, as some of the structures have more than one screen, all in the San Juan-metropolitan area. The company began in 2004 with a group of partners who came up with the idea of placing medical-related advertising in healthcare providers’ offices. Soon, though, the company wanted to expand its roster of clients and decided to delve into the billboard segment, based on two essential elements that it has carried onto the present day.

“If you notice, there are places where there are billboards all bunched up and near one another. We decided to search for prime locations that would give our structures visual exclusivity, first, that make sure the person’s eyes notice the billboard, and second, help our clients achieve relevance. All this is achieved, thanks to all the creative possibilities of a digital [format] billboard,” Ramy explained. “This allowed us to grow at our own pace, perhaps not as fast as other companies, but enables us to provide clients an effective outdoor medium to get their messages across.”

One of these signature billboards is at the entrance to Hiram Bithorn Stadium and the Roberto Clemente Coliseum complex, in San Juan’s Hato Rey district, roughly at the intersection of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Plaza Las Américas avenues, which runs alongside Plaza Las Américas mall.

“This is an example of how we always search to integrate each structure with the existing architectural elements, to the point that each structure fits as if it had been part of the sites original master plan,” Ramy said. He noted that the dimensions of Target Point billboard screens are also unique, deviating from the 14 foot x 48 foot rectangle billboard, with sizes that range from 20 feet in height and 15 feet wide, or 33 feet high and 20 feet wide.

“People thought we were crazy for doing this, but it actually added to the uniqueness of our concept, setting us apart from the rest,” Ramy said.

Another billboard that represents Target Point’s commitment to the principles of prime location is the billboard known as Faro de Las Américas, which is on the grounds of the central offices of Inter American University of Puerto Rico (Universidad Interamericana de P.R.), alongside Luis A. Ferré

Expressway. According to the Puerto Rico Transportation Department, this is the area with the highest volume of vehicular traffic in Puerto Rico, with some 280,000 vehicles passing through every day.

“Here you see an example of our whole approach because you have a modern structure, within in a prime location, with visual exclusivity because there are no other billboards around,” Ramy pointed out.

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