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The 10 Most Sought After items on Black Friday

By on November 25, 2016

Some retailers open the evening before the famous Black Friday shopping day.  (Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

Some retailers open the evening before the famous Black Friday shopping day. (Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

Thousands of people rose early and are still in the stores that offer major discounts around Puerto Rico, seeking the best offers during the famous and traditional Black Friday.

As expected, according to statistics from previous years and the tendency in early hours of the morning, the sales of flat-screen televisions has been the order of the day but, what else do consumers seek?

Here is a list of items most sought after on Black Friday:

Flat-Screen Television: Once again heading the list are the flat-screen televisions. Year after year, they are the most sold article, especially those that measure 40 inches and more.

iPads/Tablets: Be it Apple tablets or other brands such as Samsung, the gadgets have been very solicited In stores such as Best Buy and Walmart.

Notebooks: Apart from tablets, the famous laptop computers “notebooks” have been maintained in the list. The MacBooks Pro, MacBook Air, Microsoft Surface Book have been the most looked for.

Gaming consoles: Also as every year, the gaming consoles continue being the most attractive offers, especially Playstation and Xbox.

Cell Phones: The smartphones, even though sold regularly, are among the most sold items on Black Friday, especially the iPhone 6s and the Samsung S7.

Clothes: As strange as it may seem, many consumers take the day to look for clothes in stores that may not be so expensive or surpass their annual budget.

Toys: The original reason for which the great sale began, toys, although going down on the list, still remain as part of the articles most sought after in stores such as Toys R’ Us, Walmart and KMart.

Cameras: Technology presents itself once again in the list and digital cameras are part of the most looked for. This year the GoPro has taken the lead, but cameras such as Nikon and Canon always show good prices.

Jewelry: Rings, bracelets and earrings are on discount in Pandora, they have begun integrating themselves as the most sold during the day.

Sets of sheets: The so called “Bed in a bag” and clothes for the bedroom have also been found at good prices on Black Friday.

Black Friday has gone by peacefully this year according to the Consumer Affairs Department (Daco for its Spanish acronym) and it is expected to continue this way.

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