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By on August 4, 2022

Private Sector Pays for Public Employee Salary Hikes

Government Employees: Happiness is Living on the Island of the Public Sector

Early last week, on July 18 to be precise, 246 Institute of Forensic Sciences employees staged a massive absenteeism effort in protest of not receiving a $1,000 salary increase on the first payroll of fiscal year 2023.

The president of the union of forensic sciences employees, Mr. Carlos Vélez, interviewed in Notiuno 630, said the walkout was due to not having salaries increase in 16 years, and the administration had promised a $1,000 raise. The walkout forced a meeting in La Fortaleza with Chief of Staff Noelia García and María Conte, director of the Forensic Science Institute, regarding the budget the government submitted included some $3 million to fund the salary increases. However, since the Financial Oversight and Management Board implemented its version of the budget, that specific allocation was absent from the government’s version of the budget.

Following the meeting in La Fortaleza, Gov. Pedro Pierluisi announced that he would transfer $3 million in federal funds to cover the Institute of Forensic Sciences’ salary increases. With the sheer speed of how the salary funding was found, it dawned on me how life on the Island of the Public Sector works: If it is a benefit or increase, the funds appear like magic.

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