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Today in Brief

By on March 14, 2016


High Occupancy Expected at Paradores for Easter Weekend

The president of the Parador Owners Association, Tomás Ramírez, said Easter is usually one of the busiest periods of the year. The estimated occupancy rate for the weekend is of 95% in the western area.


Ouster of Family Department Secretary Demanded

New Progressive Party Rep. María Milagros Charbonier has called for the resignation of Family Department Secretary Idalia Colón allegedly for poor management of the agency, including the “waste of public funds in the Socioeconomic Development of the Family Administration [Adsef by its Spanish acronym], among others,” the legislator said.


Violent Weekend in Puerto Rico

A police spokesman in Puerto Rico said a man was shot to death outside a fast food restaurant, bringing to 10 the number of people killed during a violent weekend on the island.

According to police statistics, that killing raises to 126 the number of slayings this year. That figure represents 20 more murders than this time last year.

UPR Students Intend to Protest

Students of the Colectivo Amplio Estudiantil en Lucha group said they will push for a strike at the University of Puerto Rico during a meeting convened for Tuesday by the Río Piedras campus’ student council. The protest is due to what the students call “the dismantling of the university,” and added that, among other things, the Treasury Department owes the university $120 million.

European, Russian Space Agencies Launch Mission to Mars

Europe and Russia have launched a joint mission to explore the atmosphere of Mars and hunt for signs of life on the red planet.

The unmanned ExoMars probe – a collaboration between the European Space Agency and Roscosmos – took off Monday aboard a Russian rocket and is expected to reach Mars in October.


Rain Continues

Don’t put away your umbrella. Although this Monday morning has been partly cloudy, downpours could develop this afternoon. The chance of rain is 35% to 40% during the afternoon and evening. The temperature this afternoon will be at 80 degrees Fahrenheit in San Juan, dropping to 77 degrees tonight.

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