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Top 5 Seafood Restaurants in Puerto Rico

By on April 15, 2017

Tradition dictates that seafood consumption must be the norm during Easter holidays. However, that shouldn’t narrow options for food enthusiasts when seeking for a palatable dining experience. From Guaynabo to Luquillo, Puerto Rico hosts multiple restaurants that boast diverse selections to please the most voracious appetites.

Ahead of Easter celebrations, Caribbean Business compiled some of the island’s highest-ranked seafood restaurants.

Puerto Rico offers a vast array of seafood options. Pictured: a seafood cocktail from Luquillo's Terruño kiosk. (Photo via Terruño)

Puerto Rico offers a vast array of seafood options. Pictured: a seafood cocktail from Luquillo’s Terruño kiosk. (Photo via Terruño)


Located in Las Croabas, Fajardo, Kasavista offers broad menu options to satisfy even the most selective palates. Perhaps you might want to begin your dining experience with their seafood chowder soup, spicy rice balls stuffed with manchego cheese, or fried calamari marinated in coconut milk—just some of their varied and intricate display of appetizers. However, their entrées are the real stars of the carte du jour: baked lobster tail with cilantro and garlic, grilled dorado with tropical chutney and coconut rice, and plantain-crusted roasted halibut with creole sauce and truffle smash potato, to name a few.

Not into seafood? Kasavista also serves meat-centered plates, such as pan-roasted chicken serrano stuffed with ham and manchego cheese and paella valenciana, served with steak, chorizo, chicken, and longaniza, among others. And to wash down your meal, this Eastern-shore restaurant offers 52 different wines and champagnes. Parents and guardians will also be pleased to know the restaurant also has a menu for children, which includes both fish and chicken dishes. In addition, the restaurant has vegan and gluten-free selections. Its price point ranges between $6 and $35


The municipality of Luquillo plays host to Terruño, a modest location adjacent to Monserrate beach. With a $6 to $40 price range, this seashore restaurant boasts a “Certificate of Excellence” on TripAdvisor, which is awarded to “accommodations, attractions, and restaurants that consistently earn great reviews from travelers.” Heralded by local residents as one of Luquillo’s best-kept secrets, Terruño, or Kiosk #20, specializes in traditional Puerto Rican cuisine, such as stuffed mofongo—mashed fried plantains—and alcapurrias, while adding a playful twist to their menu in flavors and presentation.

Their pièce de résistance? Live music and entertainment from Thursday to Saturday at 7:00 p.m., and Sunday at 5:00 p.m. For more information, visit


Oceanfront Hotel & Restaurant is located mere minutes away from Isabela’s Jobos beach, in Puerto Rico’s north-western region. This strategic position combines fine dining experience with paradisiac views, both of which frequent among visitors’ reviews in travel guides like Yelp and TripAdvisor. Their menu includes the “basics”—chicken breasts, N.Y. steak, burger, and ribs—as well as seafood delicacies, such as cajun tilapia, blackened tuna, and bacon-wrapped shrimp dashed with Cointreau, an orange-flavored liqueur.

A sweet tooth may be satisfied with their signature dessert, Puerto Rican flan with whipped cream, topped ceremoniously with a coquettish maraschino cherry. As for the hotel itself, its price points range from $85 to $125 dollars a night, with free admission to children under 10 years old and complimentary parking services. 

Pez Dorado

Located in Guaynabo’s Caparra Shopping Center, Pez Dorado’s casual atmosphere adds a refreshing dining experience, complimented by their plate diversity. For 10 years, Chef Victor Gonell has stimulated the senses with complex, savory dishes served in tasteful visual presentations. This restaurant offers rich and elaborate meals: cod and garbanzos à la Pimentel; stuffed clams; seafood paella; avocado stuffed with seafood and peppers, and others.

Although it specializes in seafood, the menu boasts different meat selections and it also offers vegetarian options, such as gratinéed vegetables and salad panache. To finish off the meal, Pez Dorado’s homemade desserts are sure to enliven its guests: its coconut flan, pecan pie, and guava tart are presented in a delicate but inviting display. The average cost per meal, including one appetizer, entrée, and dessert ranges between $30 to $50


Carolina’s Isla Verde region safeguards Marisquería Atlántica, a triumphant feat of fine seafood cuisine. With multiple and diverse plate options, the only issue one might take is trying to choose a dish out of its appetizing ensemble. Are you in the mood for a salad? They have you covered with octopus, cod, salmon, and more. Tapas? They have 20 options, including white tuna carpaccio, lobster-stuffed peppers, skewered chorizo, and fried plantains stuffed with manchego cheese and shrimp.

Meanwhile, their broad selection of entrées boasts the likes of salmon with cheese and tomato marmalade, lamb chops, shrimp and mushroom risotto, crab-stuffed salmon, French-style pout, and five selections of paella. Atlántica’s prices range between $30 to $60. For more information, including recipes, visit

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