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Tourism Co.: No interest for incentives to fly tourists to Porta del Sol

By on February 27, 2017

Aguadilla Airport

Aguadilla Airport

SAN JUAN — In what appears to be yet another sign of Puerto Rico’s sluggish economic development, the Tourism Co. certified that it did not receive requests for incentives from 2012 to 2016 to fly tourists and passengers to Porta del Sol, the island’s western region.

The information is contained in the last report sent by former Tourism Co. head Ingrid Rivera Rocafort to the Legislature, which was made public this month.

“The Tourism Co. is committed to the development of Puerto Rico tourism and it is together with the hotel and parador industry that we are working hard to develop Porta del Sol as a destination,” the report says.

“Porta del Sol” is an area comprising 17 western municipalities, many of which have small hotels and inns as well as the Rafael Hernández Airport in Aguadilla.

To promote Porta del Sol, Tourism manages the so-called Charter Flights Incentives Act, a 2008 law that provides incentives for charter flights to the Aguadilla airport in an effort to bring tourists and passengers to the area.

The law provides incentives to companies that reduce the cost of landing fees as well as marketing efforts. The charter companies seeking the incentives must make sure that at least 75% of their passengers have hotel reservations for at least three nights in the area.

The report did not state the reasons companies aren’t seeking the Porta del Sol incentives.


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