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Treasury Says Majority Must File Returns Electronically

By on January 22, 2016

SAN JUAN – Treasury Secretary Juan Zaragoza announced Friday that Tax Policy Information Bulletin 16-01 has been published. It establishes that, beginning this year, most people must file their income tax returns electronically.

Taxpayers should use Treasury-certified providers, which will be available on the agency’s website or at tax return preparation centers that will begin opening in March.

“This year, we are eliminating paper filing almost completely, with some exceptions that we will publish shortly. We expect only 5 percent of the returns to be filed on paper,” Zaragoza said.

He explained that the electronic filing allows Treasury to “be more efficient and reduce data entry errors” and that the manual process required hiring about 200 people.

“That money will now be invested in improving the capture rate. Also, in one or two days, we can have taxpayer information processed and improve income tax oversight by establishing systems that match information,” he said.

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