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Treasury Shutters 3 Parking Businesses

By on April 8, 2016

SAN JUAN – The Puerto Rico Treasury Department’s deputy secretary of Internal Revenue, Víctor Pizarro Núñez, said the agency intervened with three businesses that had accumulated tax related debts of $6.9 million, of which $2.3 million are for the sales and use tax, known as IVU by its acronym in Spanish.

“This is the largest operation, in terms of the debt total, we have carried out since the beginning of the year. We regret these businesspeople did not react to our approaches for them to get their tax situation up-to-date. As we have said, we will continue acting as allowed by law so all comply with their responsibilities, without distinction,” Pizarro Núñez said. “The operation consists on seizing, in a preventive manner, the property used by the business, preventing them from continuing to operate until they reach an agreement with the Treasury Department or the preventive term expires, in which case we execute the embargo.”

haciendabwPizarro Núñez announced the seizure of three parking facilities and the main offices of American Parking Systems, which has accumulated debts of some $6.6 million of which $2.2 million are for IVU debt and the other $4.4 million for employer contribution retention; penalty for violation of the IVU Loto regulation; for tax retained from contractors; corporate income; payment for returned checks; returned IVU checks, penalties and and IVU violations.

The intervened parking facilities are located in the Condado Plaza Hotel, in Condado; in the El San Juan Hotel in Isla Verde, and across from the Interamerican University in Cupey. American Parking Systems is located in San Juan. In Bayamón, Treasury embargoed a site with two corporations, Green Windows Corp., and G W MFG Corp., which had accumulated debt for $259,758 related to the IVU, corporate income tax and retained contribution. In Ponce the department intervened with Engineering Systems & Sales Inc., which had accumulated $61,158 in IVU debt, corporate income tax and employer retention.

Pizarro Núñez said that signing a payment plan with Treasury does not mean the agency will not carry out embargoes if said payments are not met as agreed. Treasury explains the embargoes and closures as preventive in nature and to ensure collection of the debt. Thirty days after notification, embargoes are executed if the debt has not been paid in full or has not been challenged in the Court of First Instance. Moreover, foreclosed property will be sold at public auction “as soon as possible” and with no further notice after that period.

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