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TSC Will Continue Using Proven Strategy To Reduce Traffic Deaths

By on January 2, 2016

SAN JUAN – The Traffic Safety Commission (TSC) is set to redouble its efforts to reduce the number of driver and pedestrian deaths this year. Drivers and pedestrians were the groups with the highest fatalities in 2015, which presented a slight increase when compared to 2014. 
José Delgado Ortiz, executive director of the TSC, said 310 people had lost their lives in car accidents in 2015, six more victims than in 2014, when a record low of 304 deaths was reported. 
“If we considered that for many years we had more than 600 deaths per year –like in 1987, when we had 648 [deaths] – these last 24 months have been the lowest, in terms of fatalities due to traffic accidents… lower than any previous two-year period,” said Delgado Ortiz, who credited the success to the TSC’s education efforts and strategies aimed at increasing the awareness among drivers of the consequences of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol, at excess speed or distracted (mainly because of the use of a cell phone). 
Among the road-safety initiatives the TSC plans to continue to keep in effect this year Delgado Ortiz mentioned the ad/message inviting drivers to reflect on the jail sentence for driving under the influence that not only affects them, but also their families, who will also suffer the “emotional imprisonment” of knowing the person is in jail for committing a felony. 
Delgado Ortiz considers the actions the police undertake during the next 12 months will determine whether the goal of having the lowest number of deaths in traffic accidents in 2016 can be reached. 
“I specifically refer to greater detection and interventions with irresponsible drivers. It has been demonstrated that active, visible and coercive action of patrols is an effective deterrent to drivers being tempted to break the law,” said the TSC executive director.

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