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U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop Meets with Puerto Rico Hospital Association

By on March 10, 2016

SAN JUAN—Executives from the Puerto Rico Hospital Association (PRHA) met with U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop (R-Utah), who visited the island late last week to gauge the fiscal situation.

Bishop, who is the chairman of the House’s Natural Resources Committee, met with PRHA President Jaime Plá Cortés and past president Domingo Cruz Vivaldi (also CEO of the San Jorge Children’s Hospital), who expressed the dire need to eliminate the ceiling on the Medicaid funds that the U.S. Congress assigns to the island.

The meeting took place at the office of Sen. José Luis Dalmau, chairman of the Health and Nutrition Committee of the Puerto Rico Senate.   

Lic. Domingo Cruz Vivaldi (Principal Oficial Ejecutivo del San Jorge Childrens Hospital y pasado presidente de Asociación de Lic Domingo Cruz Vivaldi Congresista Rob Bishop y Lic Jaime Plá Cortés

From left: Domingo Cruz Vivaldi, CEO of the San Jorge Children’s Hospital and past president of the PRHA; U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop; and PRHA President Jaime Plá Cortés.

“We widely discussed the need of increasing assistance to Puerto Rico with regards to Medicaid funds. In that sense, Congressman Bishop expressed interest in knowing the impact that the use of federal funds in Puerto Rico has in healthcare. The U.S. House chairman of the Natural Resources Committee expressed his willingness and desire to have us explain the healthcare situation in Puerto Rico, and the use of public funds to tend those people in need,” Plá Cortés noted. “We feel his interest goes in hand with the package of legislative measures that the U.S. Congress will submit in relation to the fiscal crisis that Puerto Rico is experiencing.”

In turn, Cruz Vivaldi explained Bishop was on the island to learn first-hand the problems that are affecting Puerto Rico, specially the use of federal funds in healthcare.

“Congressman Bishop is known for his responsible stances, of which he knows or at least makes the effort to know in-depth the issues at hand before proposing initiatives or voting on them in the U.S. Congress. It goes without saying that Bishop did not come alone, as he brought with him a group of young congressional aides experts on the matter, who contributed to the meeting,” Vivaldi said.

Present at the meeting between Bishop and the PRHA was former congressman Jerry Weller, a collaborator of the PRHA on federal legislation and proposals in the U.S. Congress, Vivaldi added.

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