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Uber increases travel costs in Puerto Rico

By on December 30, 2016

Uber announced today that an increase in travel costs in Puerto Rico through an “application fee” went into effect on Thursday.

According to the announcement available in the section Uber Newsroom found in the mobile application, the increase arises from a rise in costs to operate on the island.

(Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)

(Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images)

“Our business has evolved in Puerto Rico, and so have costs associated with providing a safe and reliable transportation service. This is why we are introducing an application fee,” reads the announcement.

Uber customers will see the increase of .60 cents reflected in their receipts, which according to the statement, “will be added to each trip and will be destined to help finance safety initiatives for passengers and drivers”.

The missive does not outline Uber’s plan to guarantee the protection of its customers and employees, topic that continues to generate great public attention since the company’s arrival in Puerto Rico on July 11. From this date, Uber has faced great opposition from taxi drivers.

The company has implemented similar raises in other countries from Latin America in the past months, but the increase in Puerto Rico for each trip is between 300% and 900% higher than the rest of the countries where the fee is also charged.

After two years of operation in Panama, Uber imposed the same application fee that went into effect on Tuesday for .20 balboa, an equivalent of .20 cents for each trip.

As for Mexico, the fee varies in each city. In Chihuahua, the increase consists of 2 Mexican pesos (10 cents) and 1.5 Mexican pesos (7 cents) in the cities of Merida and Tijuana that went into effect last September 15. In Dominican Republic, the fee is 5.000 pesos (11 cents) since December 8.


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