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Uber presents new safety features

By on September 19, 2019

Gabriel Gutiérrez, general manager of Uber for the region of Panama and the Caribbean

Reveals tech during event for Puerto Rico driver-partners

SAN JUAN — Global ride-hailing platform Uber presented Thursday three new features in its application that will be implemented with the objective of offering its driver-partners safety information and transparency when accepting a trip.

The company pointed out that the initiative is part of its commitment to provide increasingly reliable experiences to its drivers and riders.

The new tools were presented by the general manager of Uber in Panama and the Caribbean, Gabriel Gutiérrez, at an event where more than 100 driver-partners were present.

“Since the Uber app arrived in the island three years ago, one of our priorities has been to maintain an open dialogue with the driver-partners and all interested parties. Their comments and observations are essential to make improvements to our technology continually,” Gutiérrez said.

The first feature presented by the general manager was the option to choose the payment method. With it, he explained, the driver-partners will be able to know in advance whether the trip will be paid with cash or credit, allowing the driver-partner to choose whether to accept the trip according to the payment method of their preference.

The second change to the application Gutiérrez announce is the user usage history, which allows Uber drivers to know how long the user has been using the service.

“With this new functionality, we seek to increase transparency by providing more information. Meanwhile, these two functionalities do not generate any negative impact for the driver or their rating in case of not accepting a trip,” the executive explained.

The third new feature is the detection of trip anomalies. It allows the app to automatically identify long or unexpected stops and recommend safety features the driver-partner could need. This functionality is optional and can be turned off at any time in the application’s settings.

“The issue of security has always been our priority, and becomes even more relevant due to recent events, a matter we take very seriously and is a never-ending job. We know that to have a safer environment in the country, work from many parts is required, as it is from the authorities and other entities of the community, and at Uber we want to be part of the solution, as we are doing with the development and implementation of these types of tools that we announce today,” Gutiérrez said.

The general manager emphasized that the implementation of these initiatives is the result of the company’s constant investment in new technologies that will improve the experience of all the people who use its platform. The company’s goal, he said, is to increase transparency even more by providing more information to the thousands of driver-partners who use the app in Puerto Rico.

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