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Uber regrets ‘misunderstanding’ with San Juan mayor

By on January 20, 2017

After San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto cancelled the municipality’s agreement with private transportation company Uber, the international enterprise assured there was a “misunderstanding.”

The company issued a press release lamenting the events, in reference to Uber drivers who supposedly entered the San Juan islet yesterday during the first night of the San Sebastián Street Festival (SanSe). However, it didn’t confirm or deny the information provided by the municipality regarding the incident.

(Jeff Chiu, File/AP)

(Jeff Chiu, File/AP)

In response to Uber limitations, the company said that a campaign called ‘Nadia Guía a las Fiestas’ (Nobody Drives to SanSe) has been successful thanks to its associates, who provide an alternative transportation method.

“We regret the misunderstanding with the municipality of San Juan, but we reiterate that we will continue providing service until locations where citizens can take public transportation to SanSe and the Cataño ferry terminal,” affirmed the missive, adding that yesterday more than 3,000 customers used the digital platform.

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However, Uber’s administration said it was “disappointed” over the decision to restrict freedom of choice of transport to SanSe attendees, but assured they trust that with citizens’ support they will find a long-term solution for “this resistance.”

“Uber assures the entire population that it will continue offering economic and safe mobility options during SanSe and forever. Puerto Rico doesn’t stop. Uber doesn’t stop,” reads the missive.


Another transportation option for SanSe 2017

On another hand, an alternative transportation method to the San Juan islet was announced Friday afternoon to those who want to avoid heavy traffic. La Paseadora II is a maritime vehicle that offers transportation from the Conventions center until Bahía Urbana’s Dock 6.

This new option has a passenger capacity of 46 people at cost of $7 per person, and it is a locally built ship that complies with all permits required by the Coast Guard, explained its proprietor, Juan González.

“We are very happy with La Paseadora II because is projected as the new link between the Conventions Center district and Bahía Urbana,” stated González. He added it will offer services all weekend to the general public. For more information, visit

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