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Posts about Puerto Rico governor resigning go viral

By on July 23, 2019

Governor Ricardo Rosselló during the signing of the Opportunity Zones’ law (Courtesy)

Allege farewell message has been recorded, his former campaign manager will be arrested

SAN JUAN — Ironically, the same medium that sparked an islandwide call for Gov. Ricardo Rosselló’s resignation over a week ago, group messages on an app, is the same way talk of his imminent departure was spreading Tuesday evening.

From there, social media took over and now posts with purported knowledge of the time and date—most point to Wednesday—when the embattled governor will step down, have gone viral.

One that seems to be picking up steam alleges the governor had just recorded his resignation message.

The tweet reads: “Right now they just finished recording Ricardo Rosselló’s video announcing his resignation. The video was recorded in a studio of the Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) station. CONFIRMED.”

Another messenger, whose claim is making the rounds, purports to know that the governor’s closest associate, Elías Sánchez—who also ran his campaign and was Rosselló’s ex officio representative to the island’s congressionally established financial oversight board—will be arrested Wednesday morning.

The posting says: “*** NOT CONFIRMED *** We will see /// It has been informed he has already resigned. That he left a recorded message, and that he is leaving the country [Puerto Rico] today [Wednesday] at dawn. He sent his belongings to Dorado, to his parents’ house.

“Elías will be arrested tomorrow at 6am.”

A large local newspaper’s sources believe his departure is imminent and mentioned some of the same information in the aforementioned posts.

The governor has not named a secretary of State after Luis Gerardo Rivera Marín resigned, thus Justice Secretary Wanda Vázquez would serve as governor until the 2020 elections, were his resignation to occur Tuesday or Wednesday, when House Speaker Johnny Méndez said he would receive a report he commissioned to determine whether to initiate impeachment proceedings.

However, there is talk among people with knowledge of party leadership thinking that the Justice secretary would also resign when the party selects a new secretary of state to take over the governorship. But others believe Vázquez may resign Wednesday as well. That would make the secretary of Education governor because the current Treasury secretary is too young to hold the office.

Education Secretary Eligio Hernández was recently appointed after Julia Keleher left the job and was recently charged with corruption.

Caribbean Business reached out to sources in the Rosselló camp but has yet to confirm the resignation.

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