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Under Penalty of Contempt, Wholesalers to Testify in Senate on Gas Prices

By on January 23, 2016

RiveraFilomenoVista_830259156SAN JUAN – Popular Democratic Party Sen. Luis Daniel Rivera said Saturday that, under penalty of contempt, gasoline wholesalers Total, Shell (Sol Puerto Rico), Peerless, Gulf and Puma have been cited to testify Monday at a public hearing in the Senate to explain why retail gasoline prices haven’t dropped at the same rate as oil’s.

Last week, wholesalers Total Petroleum, Sol Puerto Rico and Puma Energy did not show up to testify before the Senate and instead sent letters to Rivera, who is the president of the Senate Labor Relations, Consumer Affairs and Job Creation Committee, notifying him that they would not attend the hearing and would send their written statements at a later date.

The legislator opened the hearing and proceeded to close it, warning that if they failed to appear, he would ask the Senate to authorize their summons under penalty of contempt.

“Consumers are demanding that they come and [explain] not only to the Legislative Assembly, but also the country, consumers, retailers, merchants and the Consumer Affairs Department,” Rivera said.

He added that what is sought is to “listen to them, that they give us information, give us the numbers, and we want them to help us have a very clear X-ray of what is really going on with the price of gasoline.”

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