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University of Puerto Rico campus ends strike

By on May 30, 2017

MAYAGÜEZ – The conclusion Tuesday of the University of Puerto Rico’s (UPR) Mayagüez campus’ student strike marks the seventh of the educational system’s 11 campuses that have put an end to the mass protest that has kept the semester on hold.

According to Pulso Estudiantil, while students from Bayamón, Humacao and Río Piedras insist on continuing the nearly two-month strike, with the latter demanding negotiation with the university’s board to reopen the campus’ gates, Mayagüez students approved resuming the semester, with 1,868 votes in favor, 952 against, and 67 abstained votes.

The Utuado campus also ended its strike, with 115 votes in favor and 11 against. Meanwhile, the Cayey campus lifted the strike with 503 in favor, 284 against. However, it is still unknown when this campus will resume the semester.

The announcement came about place one day before Gov. Ricardo Rosselló presents the island’s budget.

Students have been protesting $450 million in expected cuts to the public university system since early April. Last week, student representatives convened with members of the Financial Oversight & Management Board to discuss initiatives to reduce the cuts and generate more revenue for the university, but board Chairman José Carrión insisted that the academic community must make “difficult, but necessary choices” and comply with the government’s proposed cuts, which he stressed are not open to negotiation.



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