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University of Puerto Rico student council condemns approved budget

By on August 13, 2018

SAN JUAN – The University of Puerto Rico (UPR), Río Piedras campus’ Student Council denounced that the school’s budget was approved behind closed doors, it said, amid a doubling of the tuition costs of enrollment and fewer exemptions.

“Ultimately, they raised the budget of the Chancellor’s Office from $1.4 million to around $4.7 million. That is why they banned the entrance of our representative on Wednesday, August 8, using cheap excuses,” council interim President Gabriel Negrón said in a statement.

The student body demanded that the campus’ administration remedy the impact of the austerity measures with the adoption of an “extraordinary” extension and an orientation on the matter “immediately.”

“It is an existing alternative in the regulation systemic-wide that would allow students to pay an amount less than that established in the extension of their bill. It is at the discretion of the Dean of Students,” Negrón said, adding that students who have “difficulties paying,” could “go to the office to explain their situation.”

The council said undergraduate Río Piedras campus students previously paid $855 a semester, but must now pay $1,755.

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